Diving Activities

Pristine turquoise waters – might be a bit of exaggeration for some. But that’s a fact for locals and discerning travellers who have dived (up to 20-30 meters below for visibility) and were captivated by the colourful coral reefs. Anda peninsula is home to one of the healthiest fringing reefs in the world and offers you pleasurable experiences in paradisiacal conditions.

The reef is rich with marine fauna and colourful coral gardens, and it is said to be 14 KM long with 20 dive sites. It’s home to over 915 different fish and over 460 hard and soft corals – a feast for your eyes only. Your underwater experience wouldn’t be complete without the 3-5 mm small pygmy seahorses and resident turtles and if you’re lucky, a Thresher shark and even the biggest fish of them all, the Whale Shark might want to accompany you and give you a swimming lesson. Locals think this big fish is making Anda its second home.

You may want to book dolphin or whale watching tours with island hopping adventures in Bohol thrown into the mix. But sometimes, whilst enjoying an al fresco breakfast at your private luxury villa, you might spot a pod of dolphins playing offshore along with the fishermen, returning to the land with their daily catch.