Luxury Travel Trends 2019: Philippines Among the Top 10 Destinations

Editor’s Note: This is the second installment of a two-part blog series about luxury travel trends this 2019. Here’s why mindfulness and well-being activities are top priority for luxury travellers. 

What caught our attention on Stay One Degree’s luxury travel trends was the top 10 destinations that the 1% love to visit. The Philippines was in ninth place, which is one of the three Asia countries on the list.

  1. Spain
  2. Indonesia
  3. Sri Lanka
  4. France
  5. Thailand
  6. Canada
  7. Barbados
  8. Bahamas
  9. Philippines
  10. Scotland

According to their research, luxury travellers will flock to Asia Pacific in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. These countries are proving popular among the top ten destinations.

“The luxury travellers said that mindfulness and wellbeing activities are one of the reasons this their next destination of choice. Alternatively, they are booking trips to the Asia Pacific for the adventure, to broaden their mind and self-discovery.”

The original post can be found on Stay One Degree.

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