Luxury Travel Trends 2019: Travellers Love Mindfulness and Well-Being Activities

Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of a two-part blog series about luxury travel trends this 2019. 

Stay One Degree published the luxury travel trends that feature what the top 1% is looking for 2019.

The seven luxury consumer shifts serve as a guide for home and villa owners. Travel expert Simon Calder and The Future Laboratory collaborated for in-depth research. One of the trends is “Wellbeing holidays and self-discovery become the top priority for the entire family.”

According to the research, 30% of luxury travellers prioritise mindfulness and well-being activities. Their holidays aren’t complete without them, whilst yoga retreats remain popular. Another trend that homeowners are noticing is the demand for in-depth spiritual guidance.

Self-discovery treatments are also necessary when securing bookings. The combination of wellness and luxury travelling bring value to the experience itself. Such demands also create opportunities for therapists and instructors. A chance to provide physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being for luxury travellers.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The rise in value of the wellness tourism market, speaks for itself. Figures from The Global Health and Wellness Tourism 2018 report show that wellness tourism is growing at 12% a year, while the non-spa-related segment of healthy travel markets now represents 59% of all wellness related trips. Add to this, the fact that wellness tourists spend on average 130% more than ordinary travellers and you can see why this sector continues to grow as consumers generally become more health conscious, pro-active and determined to choose health and wellness breaks that place equal emphasis on the mind, and spirit as well as the body.

Elsewhere, the impact of the wellness tourism market is trickling down to the children of luxury travellers. There are now options where children can partake in a digi-detox muscle-awakening session to soothe body and mind. They can also practise smiling yoga to promote emotional development.”

The original post can be found on Stay One Degree.

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