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It doesn’t get any better than this

By Jim Paredes (Filipino musician, writer, photographer, television personality)

The Philippine Star, 5 June 2016

薄荷岛纯粹海岸别墅 // English translation

By Guang Huai Discover (Chinese travel blogger)

WeChat, February 21, 2017

Pure Shores Villa: Perfect for Holidays

By Raul Gatal (Lifestyle columnist, blogger, event host)

Notey, 23 December 2016

Black and Bold

By Laureen Uy (Fashion Blogger)

Break My Style, 5 March 2016

A Guide to What to Do in Awesome Bohol (Travel blog)

By Sharon Gourlay

Where’s Sharon?, 13 October 2016

Behold Bohol the Second Time: 14 Things I Discovered in the Anda Peninsula

By Krisette Capati (Digital marketer, writer, online media consultant)

Sette Writer, 27 January 2018