Stay in a villa and you will never think of booking a hotel on your next holiday

Staying in a villa offers the privacy and exclusivity you need when travelling with family and friends. It’s your home-away-from-home on a vacation while a fully-equipped and dedicated staff serves your every whim and need.

You have your own space and enjoy the exclusive use of amenities – living room, dining room, entertainment room, kitchen, and outdoor areas – including the infinity pool and verandas.

Private luxury villas are more economical for group travellers – family, couples, friends, and colleagues – and it offers a wide range of options and customization throughout the trip.

Why rent your own villa instead of booking a hotel or resort?

101% attention to you and your needs from the villa staff

Experience a unique, customized itinerary, discover hidden gems that aren’t offered in the typical tours.

An economical and superb deal where you spend less while you get better value per person.

Exclusivity, intimacy, and more space – you don’t have to share the next rooms with strangers and the amenities.

A lot of options and you can request whatever you need – it’s like staying home away from home without the membership fees.

Ideal for all types of occasions – from small to large gatherings – such as yoga retreats, milestone events, dinner parties, executive retreats.